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20 March 2010 @ 05:18 pm
Made for guys20in20 

34 Billie Joe Armstrong Icons.

includes Out & Spin magazines photoshots.


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16 January 2010 @ 05:33 pm
Requests are finally ready; i'm sorry you guys had to wait, but i'm busy with school again!
anyways, hope you like what ive come up with! :)


includes: green day, all time low, lee colinn bailey, good charlotte, etc.

enjoy :)
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23 December 2009 @ 09:22 pm

since it's Christmas time, I figured it would be nice to take graphics requests as a gift from me to you guys! :)

• you can request icons (max 5 per user) , headers (max 2 per user), wallpapers (one per user);
• link me images: they have to be HQ for desktops, medium quality for icons and banners. NO LOW QUALITY PICTURES, PLEASE!
• special things: please tell me if you want me to use a certain coloring, if you want text, etc.
• fandoms: i'll pretty much do anything as long as it isn't anything pervy haha just know ive never made any stock/anime icons.

• only members/watchers can make requests!
• i'll stop taking requests at some point!
• you can save a spot but please come back soon with pictures!

and i guess this is it.

Request away! :)


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18 December 2009 @ 04:10 pm
these icons were made for a lj challenge.
a proper graphics entry is on its way (i hope haha)

[01 - 20] Billie Joe Armstrong Icons for celeb20in20 



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30 June 2009 @ 07:13 pm
icons (also text ones) + banners (some FO) + wallpapers

[1 - 18 ] Green Day : 21 Guns Music Video
[19 - 41] Green Day
[42 - 56] Harry Potter
[57 - 68] Jack Barakat (from All Time Low) Quotes (text icons)
[69 - 75] All Time Low

12 Green Day Banners (some are Friends-Only)
1 Simple PLan Friends-Only Banner

1 Simple Plan Wallpaper (1280x854)
2 Green Day Wallpapers (1280x1024)
1 Green Day Wallpaper (1920x1200)


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